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How to find lost android device

Indera7.Com - There are several ways to find lost android device. Have you ever experience lost your android phone when you go out or just slip in around home but you do not know the location? If you do, then you can find your android phone easily with this several ways.

The first way for find your lost android phone is by searching from computer. By this way, you can through the Google’s android device manager even if you do not install it. Go to your browser Chrome and ensure you are log in into Google account you have. Type the word” where is my phone” in Chrome omnibox search. After this, the Google search engine will locate your android device by loading mini android device manager window search result. It is faster ways for find lost android device if you first directly go to the first link “Android device manager”.  This will give you direct link to android device manager without logging into your Google account and track your device immediately. If you have more than one android device, you can use the other one for looking the missing. The next way, you can find your android phone from other android phone. You might do not have any handy computer or you cannot go back to your home to find it.

Find lost android device

The solution is, android device manager app. This work well especially if you have second android device or tablet. Once the phone loaded up, then input the Google password and start location devices. This app will works similarly with website. With the app, you can lock, ring or even erase device directly from the app with the whole same options such as the web offers.

Then how if you do not have second android phone and computer for find your lost android device? When everything likely does not have any hope, there is still a chance with help from your friend’s android device or tablet. No matter what kind of it, whether it is android device, windows phone, iOS or any type of Smartphone.   Open the browser and do Android device manager searching. Open the link and sign in. The main problem when you do this way, you need to pass two authentications for enable to Google account that requires six digit code to access your Google account. Once you get log in into your account, you can start locate and track your lost android device and find lost android device.
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